Improved revenues and better customer service.
Greater efficiency and more flexibility.
Instant information for better decisions.



SmartKargo for Airlines

Increase tonnage and yield
Customized to your needs
Easy to learn, point-and-click ease of use

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For Ground Handlers———————————

Paperless AWBs
Reduce payment errors
Automated screening

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For Sales Agents

Simple e-booking
Direct access to space
Easy tracking/tracing

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SmartKargo is a comprehensive, integrated solution, helping every partner and part of the chain, from shipper to recipient. It’s 100% Cloud-based, so there’s no spending for expensive, dedicated hardware and software, and a 24/7 solution that can be used anytime you have an Internet connection. It’s IATA compliant. Implementation is quick and easy. Everyone in the cargo chain can access the same information at the same time (with proper controls, of course). And it’s a “neural network,” which means the more you use it, the smarter it becomes. That’s SmartKargo.