Ground Handling is central to a successful Air Cargo business and SmartKargo understands that. SmartKargo's integrated approach to operations links workflow and data from pickup to delivery and makes e-freight possible and practical. Full compliance with IATA Cargo-IMP messaging and Cargo-XML standards makes it easy to communicate with all stakeholders. SmartKargo is certified by US Customs for communicating with Automated Manifest System (AMS) and was one of the first providers to get certified with the latest Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

From the moment a shipper brings cargo to the export warehouse SmartKargo handles tasks seamlessly. Check-In, Acceptance, Build-Up, Load Optimization, Runner Management are all standard features. SmartKargo supports GHAs operating at a single location for a single airline as well as large operations with multi-location and multi-airline handling needs.

SmartKargo manages arrivals and deliveries with the industry’s easiest user interface. Full messaging compliance eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. Automated time stamps facilitate performance measurement and service levels, thus improving customer satisfaction.  It’s easy to set demurrage or applicable warehousing charges, and to ensure collections before delivery, to increase revenue and transparency.




  • Reduce costs by eliminating slow and redundant manual processes
  • Improve security through positive piece-level trackin


  • Easy acceptance and confirmation
  • Automated TSA checks for Known Shippers
  • Bulk handling, ULD build and break functions
  • FFM transmission and integrated movement messaging
  • Rampside offload management
  • Accurate invoicing
  • AMS / ACE certified